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Russians use naval weapons for land warfare

Russians use naval weapons for land warfare Photo: Russian soldier (Getty Images)

Russian troops are using naval weapons for land warfare against Ukraine. In particular, we are talking about "Frankenstein vehicles", according to Bild.

According to the agency, footage of an unusual weapon used by Russia in the war against Ukraine has appeared online.

The photo shows that the platform of the MT-LB armored personnel carrier is equipped with an RBU-6000 naval rocket launcher. It is designed to fight submarines with depth charges. These weapons were developed in the USSR in the 1960s.

Usually, the RBU-6000 is installed on ships, but due to a shortage of weapons and ammunition, Russian troops use naval weapons on land.

Another photo shows the "Fire" naval system installed on the MT-LB, and the third shows the 2M-3 universal naval weapon.

A BILD columnist calls these systems "Frankenstein vehicles" and notes that they will be extremely inaccurate, have a shorter range, and take a long time to reload.

It is likely that Russia may have been forced to make such "modernizations" by a lack of weapons and ammunition.

Russia's casualties in Ukraine

According to the General Staff, Russia's losses in the war in Ukraine as of Tuesday morning, September 26, amounted to 400 occupants, bringing the total number of Russian army losses since the beginning of the invasion to 276,670. In addition, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed 39 artillery systems, 19 armored personnel carriers, and 29 enemy drones.

For instance, on the Tavria front, Russian invaders lost five warehouses, 35 pieces of equipment, and 190 soldiers over the past day.

Moreover, in one evening, the Ukrainian military destroyed Russian equipment worth more than $7 million with a secret domestic drone and showed the video.