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Russians employ chemical weapons on battlefield in Ukraine

Russians employ chemical weapons on battlefield in Ukraine Photo: Russian Federation uses chemical weapons on the battlefield (
Author: Liliana Oleniak

Russia violates the laws of war and uses chemical weapons on the battlefield in Ukraine, according to the Operational Command North of the Armed Forces of Ukaine.

"The other day, the enemy threw a gas grenade into the dugout of an infantry battalion. However, the soldier, nicknamed Yaryi, reacted instantly and threw the grenade outside," the statement says.

The Russian occupiers dropped a gas grenade from a drone at the positions of the Ukrainian Defense Forces. It was filled with gas that affected the respiratory system.

At the time of the attack, there were four Ukrainian defenders in the dugout. A soldier Yaryi quickly reacted to the situation and threw the Russian occupiers' killing device outside the positions, thus saving the lives of his comrades. However, he suffered a chemical burn to his hand.

"I have the impression that they are trying to take us out of desperation. But they will not succeed," the defender says.

Other similar cases

The spokesperson for the Tavria Operational and Strategic Group of troops said that the Russians dropped chemical weapons nine times on Ukrainian positions during the day. The munitions dropped by the Russians are similar to those used by the police to disperse rallies. The spokesperson added that this is not the first time the Russian occupiers have used this substance at the front.

It was also reported that since the beginning of 2024, Russians have carried out 346 chemical attacks against the Ukrainian military.

Recently, the Russian occupiers attacked the Ukrainian Defense Forces with chemical weapons more than 15 times during the day.

ISW analysts also noted that the Russian army has increasingly begun to use chemical weapons against the Ukrainian Armed Forces.