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Russia carried out 346 chemical attacks since beginning of year

Russia carried out 346 chemical attacks since beginning of year Photo: Russia has carried out 346 chemical attacks since the beginning of the year (Getty Images)

Since the beginning of 2024, Russian forces have carried out 346 chemical attacks against the Armed Forces of Ukraine, prohibited by the Chemical Weapons Convention. The enemy's army is increasing the volume and rapidly expanding the territory for the use of chemicals, stated Ukraine's Ambassador to the Netherlands, Oleksandr Karasevych.

"In 2024, we have recorded 346 cases of the use of toxic chemical substances, equivalent to 6 violations of the convention by RF per day. The enemy views the use of chemical weapons as a means to achieve tactical advantage and demoralize the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The purpose of the application is to poison Ukrainian military personnel and force them out of fortified positions," he added.

As of March 1, 1060 cases of chemical use by Russia are under investigation, with 72 cases confirmed. The primary method of delivering ammunition with chemical substances is UAVs, dropping gas grenades of the K-51 type (71%).

According to Karasevych, as of February 2024, 946 cases of providing medical assistance to Ukrainian military personnel due to poisoning by unknown substances in combat zones have been documented.

He noted that Ukraine considers these documented cases as evidence of systematic and gross convention violations by the Russian army. Currently, the Ukrainian authorities are actively collecting evidence and will provide information on the progress of the investigation to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and member states.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Russians have conducted 815 chemical attacks. A quarter of these cases were recorded in January 2024.

The enemy most frequently uses grenades such as K-51, RGR, and RG-Vo, containing the dangerous chemical substance CS, prohibited by Article 1, paragraph 5, of the Chemical Weapons Convention.

Chemical, Biological, Radiological reconnaissance units collect samples and send them for analysis. Documented cases of the use of hazardous chemical substances are reported to investigative authorities.