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Russian strike at delivery depot in Odesa, details about Global Peace Summit on Ukraine - Thursday brief

Russian strike at delivery depot in Odesa, details about Global Peace Summit on Ukraine - Thursday brief RBC-Ukraine collage

Last night, a sorting depot and a Nova Poshta delivery company office in Odesa were hit by a Russian missile attack. A massive fire broke out at the site. Meanwhile, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy revealed details about the future Global Peace Summit on Ukraine.

RBC-Ukraine has collected the main news for May 2.

Russia's war against Ukraine: Latest

Russian strike at Nova Poshta depot in Odesa

Late on May 1, Russian troops launched a ballistic missile attack on Odesa. The attack hit a sorting depot and a Nova Poshta office, where a large-scale fire broke out and was extinguished by the State Emergency Service. A total of 14 people were injured in the attack.

According to the co-founder of Nova Poshta, Volodymyr Popereshnyuk, the attack took place at depot 1 and cargo department 4. He said there were no injuries among the employees. All 18 people who were on shift managed to take shelter.

Russian troops destroyed not only the depot and cargo department of Nova Poshta with a missile strike on Odesa but also more than 900 packages worth 3 million hryvnias.

The company promises that it will compensate customers for the parcels destroyed as a result of the strike according to their estimated value.

Read RBC-Ukraine's report to find out what the Nova Poshta depot in Odesa looks like now and what other consequences of the Russian shelling are.

Frozen Russian assets won't cover Ukraine's losses - Central bank head

The frozen assets of the Russian Federation will not be enough to cover the losses inflicted on Ukraine by the full-scale war.

As the head of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) Andrii Pyshnyi explained, the amount of Russian frozen assets is about $300 billion.

"The exact figure is never mentioned. It always comes with a certain range: 260-280-300, depending on the country. But we can understand the overall volume. It's about $300 billion," noted the head of the NBU.

According to Pyshnyi, Ukraine considers the frozen assets of Russia as a source to cover the losses incurred and to be incurred during the war.

According to a quick estimate by the World Bank, by the end of 2023, the full-scale war had caused Ukraine losses of $500 billion. Therefore, the frozen assets will not be sufficient to cover them.

"But we anticipate that this will be a source of the necessary funds that Ukraine will need both for resistance and for compensation," Pyshnyi noted.

Zelenskyy on Global Peace Summit: Countries from all continents invited

The upcoming Global Peace Summit will take place on June 15-16 in Burgenshtots, Switzerland, near Luzern.

Heads of state and government from all continents are invited.

"The summit will serve as a platform to discuss ways to achieving comprehensive, just, and lasting peace for Ukraine in accordance with the UN Charter and international law. All states invited to the summit have demonstrated their commitment to these principles," said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

According to the president, every peace-loving nation will be interested in participating in the summit because it is important not only for Ukraine. The discussions will focus on the global role of countries and respect for international law and peaceful coexistence.

"These common rules, enshrined in the UN Charter, protect all nations from attack and violence. It is thus our shared global responsibility to protect them through real action rather than just words. This is what the first Peace Summit in Switzerland is all about," added the president.

Potential Russian attack on Ukraine on Easter: Air Force comment

Ukrainian Air Force remains vigilant for potential Russian attacks on Ukraine during Easter night on May 5 but assures readiness to fend off any possible enemy attacks.

"We cannot rule out the possibility that the treacherous enemy might just spoil people's celebration during Easter night by launching their missile strikes," a spokesperson of the Ukrainian Air Force Illia Yevlash said.

Yevlash emphasized that the Ukrainian Air Force, in turn, is expecting and prepared to repel any enemy attack.

"However, people need to remain vigilant at all times, whether it's Easter or just an ordinary day," he cautioned.