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Strike on Odesa on May 1 - Number of casualties increased

Strike on Odesa on May 1 - Number of casualties increased Odesa City Hall reported on the consequences of enemy missile shelling (photo:

In Odessa, as a result of enemy missile strikes carried out by Russian invaders on the evening of May 1, civilian infrastructure in the city was destroyed. The city hall showed a video of the aftermath of the strike, according to the Telegram channels of Odesa Mayor Hennadii Trukhanov and the head of the Odesa Regional Military Administration, Oleh Kiper.

"In another Russian ballistic attack on Odesa. Civilian infrastructure destroyed, rescuers are battling a massive fire," the mayor's statement reads.

As reported by the Odesa Regional Military Administration (ORMA), the number of casualties in Odesa due to the missile strike has increased to 14 people. Previously, there were 13 known casualties.

According to the head of the administration, one man was hospitalized in moderate condition.

"All others received assistance on-site. Law enforcement officers are documenting another crime by the Russians against the civilian population," Kiper stated.

The aftermath of the missile strike on Odessa on the evening of May 1 (photo:

Due to the Russian shelling, civilian infrastructure in the city, including postal warehouses, has been damaged, according to the ORMA.

"The firefighting operation is ongoing. There are broken windows in the surrounding buildings," Kiper added.

"Our authorities are inspecting residential buildings nearby for broken windows and doors," Trukhanov said.

In the Odesa region, the State Emergency Service later also showed footage of the aftermath of the enemy missile attack on Odesa.

Emergency services added that 68 rescuers were involved, including psychologists and 19 units of equipment were used.

Shelling of Odessa on May 1

Earlier, it was reported that late in the evening on May 1, explosions were heard in Odesa during an air raid alert due to the threat of enemy strikes using ballistic weapons.

Later, the Odesa Regional Military Administration reported that as a result of a Russian missile strike in the city, 13 people were injured, and a strong fire broke out.

It was also reported that the Russian missile strike hit the sorting depot and branch of Nova Poshta in Odesa.