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Russian Federation tries to adapt to capabilities of Ukraine's defense industry

Russian Federation tries to adapt to capabilities of Ukraine's defense industry Russia is studying Ukraine's defense capabilities to inflict more destructive harm on the country (photo: Getty Images)

The supply of air defense and missile systems by Western countries remains critically important for Ukraine. Russian military forces will likely try to adapt to the capabilities of the Ukrainian air defense system to learn how to circumvent it and inflict maximum damage and casualties, according to the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

The report highlights that during the shelling on January 1-2, Ukrainian forces downed more Shahed drones compared to the large-scale attack on December 29, as well as many Kinzhak missiles. Analysts at the Institute suggest that air defense forces likely adapted to the strike complex used by Russian forces on December 29. This adaptation became possible after months of experimentation by the aggressor and trials by Ukrainian air defense involving various weapon systems, strike routes, and tactics to counter air defense.

ISW emphasizes that Russian strikes on Ukraine are part of a tactical and technological competition between offense and defense, where both sides constantly experiment and adapt to each other, especially in the realm of long-range strikes and air defense.

"Western aid to Ukraine remains crucial as Russian forces will likely continue to experiment and innovate new ways to penetrate Ukrainian air defenses," notes the Institute for the Study of War.

The report also concurs with information published in the British publication Telegraph. According to their statements, Ukraine may need to ration its air defense missiles due to reduced Western assistance. It will also be necessary to enhance the protection of key targets by relocating air defense systems from more vulnerable frontline areas.

Massive Russian strike on Ukraine

On Tuesday, January 2, Russian occupiers once again launched a massive attack on Ukraine using kamikaze drones and various types of missiles.

In total, Ukrainian defenders destroyed 72 missiles. Near Kyiv and above the city alone, air defense forces shot down around 60 missiles, including 10 hypersonic aeroballistic missiles Kinzhals.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba called on Western countries to expedite the delivery of air defense systems and ammunition to Ukraine, as well as to provide the country with long-range drones and missiles.

The United Kingdom pledged to assist in strengthening Ukraine's air defense and long-range capabilities.

Furthermore, the United States announced its support for enhancing Ukrainian air defense.