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Russian Defense Ministry reports drone attacks in Kaluga and Bryansk regions

Russian Defense Ministry reports drone attacks in Kaluga and Bryansk regions Russian military (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

The Russian Ministry of Defense claimed that their anti-aircraft defense systems were operational against drones in the Bryansk and Kaluga regions on the night of August 24th, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense's Telegram channel.

As is customary, the Russian authorities have accused Ukraine of initiating the attack.

Furthermore, the Russian Ministry asserts that they successfully "repelled an attack" of three UAVs of aircraft type.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, two UAVs were destroyed using anti-aircraft defense systems over the Bryansk region, while another was downed over the Kaluga region.

There is no information available regarding possible damage or casualties resulting from the incident.

Explosions and drone attacks in Russia

There have been frequent explosions across various areas within Russia recently, often accompanied by claims of drone attacks.

Just last night, August 23, there were explosions in Moscow as well as in the Moscow region due to unidentified UAVs. Local residents reported hearing explosions in Khimki and Krasnogorsk, as well as in Moscow, where a UAV crashed into a building in the "Moscow City" area.

Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin later said that one UAV targeted a building there, while another crashed in the Mozhaysk district of the Moscow region. The Russian Ministry of Defense, on the other hand, reported the "repulsion of an attempt" to attack Moscow with three aircraft-type UAVs which they claimed to have shot down.

On August 21, explosions occured in the Russian city of Rostov, with local media reporting the supposed "downing of three S-200 missiles." Furthermore, reports of the operation of anti-aircraft defense systems and sightings of UAVs were made in the Kaluga region.

On that same day, August 21, the Russian Ministry of Defense claimed that UAVs had allegedly attacked the Moscow region. Additionally, on August 18, explosions were heard in several areas of Moscow and the Moscow region, with reports of anti-aircraft defense systems being activated and UAVs spotted. Explosions were heard in the Moscow suburb of Odintsovo, as well as in Troitsk and Krasnogorsk.