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Russian aviation suffered significant losses in recent weeks: ISW experts name consequences

Russian aviation suffered significant losses in recent weeks: ISW experts name consequences Russian aviation has suffered significant losses in recent weeks (photo:

Recent high losses in Russian aviation likely led to a significant reduction in its activity in eastern Ukraine, although it is unclear how long this forced pause will last, according to a report by ISW.

According to the Ukrainian Air Force, on the evening of March 2, the activity of Russian aviation in eastern Ukraine completely stopped after Ukrainians shot down two Russian Su-34 aircraft. The spokesperson of the Air Forces Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Yurii Ihnat also stated that the decrease in Russian aviation activity continued on March 3.

It is noted that Russian forces lost 15 aircraft since February 17. According to analysts, the Russian army probably has about 300 different Su-variant fighter jets. Previous aircraft losses prompted Russian forces to temporarily reduce aviation activity across Ukraine for significant periods, although it remains unclear how long the current pause will last.

ISW experts also suggest that Russian forces may eventually reconcile with increasing losses in aviation and continue to try to strike targets with air assets to support Russian offensive operations. In this case, the Russian command is likely aware of the risk of continuing to incur losses in aviation in pursuit of further success in eastern Ukraine.

Ukrainian Armed Forces are destroying Russian aviation

Over the past two weeks, Ukrainian forces have destroyed over ten Russian aircraft. On February 17, Air Defense Forces destroyed three Russian aircraft – two Su-34 fighter-bombers and one Su-35 fighter. Another Su-34 was landed on February 18.

The next day, the Air Force commander reported the destruction of two more Russian aircraft in the east. Another Su-34 was landed by the military on February 21. Additionally, on February 23, a Russian A-50 aircraft was shot down over the Sea of Azov.

Two more Su-34s were shot down on February 27. On February 29, Ukrainian troops destroyed a Su-34 in the Eastern direction and two more Su-34s in the Avdiivka and Mariupol directions.

Furthermore, on March 1, according to the General Staff, Ukrainian soldiers destroyed another Su-34.