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Ukrainian Armed Forces down second Russian A-50 aircraft over Azov Sea

Ukrainian Armed Forces down second Russian A-50 aircraft over Azov Sea A-50 aircraft (Photo: Russian media)

Ukrainian military shot down a Russian A-50 aircraft over the waters of the Azov Sea on the evening of Friday, February 23, according to sources in the Armed Forces.

According to the news agency's sources, this was a joint operation of the Air Force and the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine. The level of damage is being specified.

"The chances of saving the aircraft are minimal," the sources said.

Russia had only 9 such aircraft, but not all of them were combat-ready. The A-50 aircraft is a long-range radar detection and control aircraft capable of reconnaissance and targeting for strikes.

Destruction of A-50 and Il-22 aircraft of the Russian Federation on January 14

RBC-Ukraine, citing sources in the Armed Forces, reported on January 14 that the Ukrainian Armed Forces shot down a Russian A-50 aircraft over the Azov Sea and damaged an IL-22. On January 15, the destruction of two aircraft was officially confirmed by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Valerii Zaluzhnyi.

Earlier, Natalia Humeniuk, spokesperson for the Defense Forces of South of Ukraine, stated that the shooting down of the A-50 radar detection aircraft and the Il-22 airborne command center of the Russian Federation could postpone future missile strikes by the aggressors. At the same time, she described the current situation as a "loud statement" of the Ukrainian forces' full control over the airspace of the Azov and Black Seas after the downing of the Russian aircraft.

On January 19, a Russian A-50 long-range radar detection aircraft was detected in the waters of the Azov Sea. On January 21, it became known that as a result of damage to the Il-22 airborne command post over the Azov Sea, the commander of the Russian aircraft was killed.

More details on the importance of the destruction of the A-50 and the uniqueness of this operation can be found in the material of RBC-Ukraine.

Liquidation of the A-50 in Belarus

On February 26, 2023, explosions were heard at the Machulishchi airfield.

Later, it was reported that the airfield was attacked, targeting the Russian reconnaissance aircraft A-50.

Later, Belarusian partisans claimed responsibility for the sabotage.