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Russia has problems with Kalibr missiles: British intelligence explains

Russia has problems with Kalibr missiles: British intelligence explains Photo: Russia has problems with Kalibr missiles (video screenshot)

Russia is having problems using Kalibr cruise missiles. The reason for this is logistics, reveals the British Defense Ministry on X.

It is noted that the ability of the Russian Black Sea Fleet to use its base in Novorossiysk to reload ships with cruise missiles is likely to become a significant factor in the operational effectiveness of the fleet.

Traditionally, the Russian occupiers reloaded their cruise missiles in Sevastopol. But now it has become dangerous due to Ukrainian attacks. British intelligence believes that Russia will rely more on Novorossiysk.

However, there is a possibility that Russia has stopped using Kalibr because of logistical problems in Novorossiysk.

"Russia will likely seek to expedite overcoming such issues in time for maritime cruise missiles to be included in any winter campaign of strikes against Ukraine," the report reads.

Russia is preparing attacks

Ukrainians are being warned about possible new massive shelling by the occupiers on the eve of winter. The Russians may target Ukraine's energy sector.

Ukrainian intelligence believes that the occupiers are preparing for attacks and stockpiling missiles. According to the Air Force, the Russians could have accumulated up to 900 long-range precision missiles before winter.

At the same time, the military emphasizes that winter in Ukraine should be easier than last year. In particular, because of Ukraine's preparations and the fact that the Russians no longer have the resources they had at the beginning of the full-scale invasion.