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Winter 2024 will be easier for Ukraine than previous one: Military explains reason

Winter 2024 will be easier for Ukraine than previous one: Military explains reason The spokesperson of the Ukrainian Navy, Dmytro Pletenchuk (Photo: facebook com Taclbery)

This winter in Ukraine is expected to be milder than the previous one. Ukraine has prepared for it, and the adversary lacks the same amount of resources as at the beginning of the full-scale invasion, according to the spokesperson of the Ukrainian Navy, Dmytro Pletenchuk.

He noted that this is the second winter for Ukrainians in war conditions. This time, Ukraine has gained experience and is better prepared. According to the spokesperson, the infrastructure and the threat response system have been prepared.

Pletenchuk also stated that the Russian occupiers no longer had the same resources as they did at the start of the full-scale war. This includes the tactics of deploying these resources.

"Therefore, this winter should be easier for us than the previous one. But we shouldn't relax, and we shouldn't ignore air alarms. Missile danger is serious. Speaking of the Kalibr missiles, the Russians have a logistical gap. They relocated the ships to Novorossiysk, but the missiles remained in Sevastopol," he added.

Ukraine prepares for Russian attacks

Ukrainians have been warned about possible new mass shelling by the occupiers before autumn and winter. The Russians' target could be Ukraine's energy sector. Before winter, Ukrainian engineers underwent training in Britain. The program aims to protect the energy sector during potential Russian attacks.

The Financial Times learned how Ukraine is preparing for strikes in the energy sector. In addition to strengthening its air defense, Ukraine has been protected at the local level.

Ukrainian military believes that the Russians are accumulating missiles for future attacks. In particular, in Crimea, the occupiers have collected over 800 missiles for energy terror. The Ukrainian Air Force also emphasizes that the occupiers may launch attacks with drones.