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Air Force estimates how many missiles Russia could accumulate

Air Force estimates how many missiles Russia could accumulate Spokesperson of the Air Forces Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Yurii Ihnat (Photo: mil in ua)

Russia may have accumulated up to 900 long-range precision missiles on the eve of winter. Probably, the occupiers may use them to attack Ukraine, according to the Spokesperson of the Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Yurii Ihnat.

"Yes, there haven't been such missile attacks for several months, as there were in the summer. If you count the total, over 100 missiles were used each summer month. In the autumn months that have passed, there haven't been such intensive missile attacks. We see more X-59, X-31. But there are also Iskander-M and Iskander-K," the spokesperson said.

Ihnat added that according to the General Staff and the Air Force, in the fall, the Russian Federation uses several dozen missiles per month to strike Ukraine. According to him, the occupiers could have accumulated up to 900 long-range precision missiles.

"The General Staff announced Russia's capabilities. They can produce 100 missiles per month. Therefore, we can make a certain mathematical conclusion that it is 870 or even 900 (missiles - ed.). This is the exact number of long-range precision, besides aviation missiles (X-59, X-31, X-35), Onyx missiles, and S-300 missiles. We are talking only about long-range missiles," Ihnat explained.

The spokesperson for the Air Force also commented on the statement of the Head of the United Coordinating Press Center of Security and Defense Forces of the South of Ukraine, Natalia Humenyuk, that Russia could have concentrated up to 800 missiles in Crimea. He emphasized that Humenyuk meant the entire stockpile of rockets on the territory of the Russian Federation and the occupied territories. Ihnat does not exclude that a certain part of Russian missiles may be on the peninsula.

Ukraine prepares for Russian attacks

Ukrainians are warned on the eve of winter about possible new mass shelling by the occupiers. The goal of the Russians may be Ukraine's energy sector. Before winter, Ukrainian engineers underwent training in the UK to protect the energy sector in case of possible attacks by Russia.

Ukrainian intelligence believes that the occupiers are preparing for attacks and accumulating missiles. However, the military emphasizes that winter in Ukraine should be easier than last year. In particular, due to Ukraine's preparation and the fact that the Russians no longer have the resources they did at the beginning of the full-scale invasion.