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Republicans prepare new aid project for Ukraine: Attracting loans and RF assets

Republicans prepare new aid project for Ukraine: Attracting loans and RF assets Photo: Republicans are preparing a new aid project for Ukraine (Getty Images)

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Republican Mike Johnson, and heads of key committees in the House of Representatives are working on creating a new package of assistance for Ukraine, reports NBC News.

According to them, an alternative project could pass through Congress without resistance from conservatives who oppose further funding for Ukraine.

The plans are in the early stages and far from full implementation, three sources informed NBC News. However, Republicans supporting Ukraine want to be ready to pass a law as soon as Congress approves budget bills.

According to two sources, the vote on critically important aid for Ukraine will be postponed until April due to the planned two-week break in Congress at the end of March.

Among the proposals put forward by Republicans is the allocation of a portion of non-military aid in the form of a loan. It is noted that the economic assistance to the Ukrainian government and support for its long-term efforts to rebuild the country will also depend on a loan according to this plan. Russian assets confiscated by the US government may also be used as collateral for the loans.

What preceded

Let's remind that recently it became known that the House Foreign Affairs Chairman, Mike McCaul, has been involved in developing an alternative bill with the assistance of Ukraine. He intends to bring it for consideration shortly after March 22.

According to CNN, the new bill will allocate $66 billion for military aid to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan, excluding humanitarian aid, which was part of the Senate package and a priority for many Democrats.

In turn, Democrats in the US House of Representatives have refused to support the alternative bill with assistance to Ukraine proposed by Republicans.

The bill recently passed by the Senate allocated over $60 billion solely for the financing of aid to Ukraine.