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House Democrats against alternative aid bill for Ukraine

House Democrats against alternative aid bill for Ukraine House Democrats leader Hakeem Jeffries (Photo: flickr by Hamilton Project)
Author: Daria Shekina

Democrats in the House of Representatives in the USA have refused to support an alternative bill to aid Ukraine proposed by Republicans, according to a press conference by House Democrats leader Hakeem Jeffries.

He has noted that the only way to meet the security needs of the American people is to vote on a bill to aid Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan for $95 billion.

According to Jeffries, if the bill is considered in the House of Representatives, it will garner over 300 votes.

"It's time for the House Republicans to support the national security interests of the American people and break from the pro-Putin MAGA extremists in their party," he adds.

The leader of the House Democrats also has stated that his faction will not support the Republicans' alternative bill to aid Ukraine, which does not include humanitarian assistance.


Previously, it was reported that Michael McCaul, the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs, was working on an alternative bill to aid Ukraine.

He plans to introduce it for consideration after March 22.

According to CNN, the new bill will allocate $66 billion for military assistance to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan without humanitarian aid, which was part of the Senate package and a priority for many Democrats.

The bill recently passed by the Senate allocated over $60 billion solely for financing aid to Ukraine.