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Powerful explosion heard near Armyanskm occupied Crimea

Powerful explosion heard near Armyanskm occupied Crimea An explosion occurred in the vicinity of the occupied Armyansk (photo: Getty Images)

In the temporarily occupied Crimea, a late-night explosion rattled the vicinity of Armyansk on December 22. The blast's impact reached as far as Dzhankoy, according to local social media posts and Telegram channels.

According to accounts from residents shared online, the explosion was of considerable magnitude and occurred around 11 p.m.

Occupation authorities have provided no explanation for the incident.

Powerful explosion heard near Armyanskm occupied Crimea

Armyansk on the map (photo: screenshot from

Simultaneously, as reported by Krymskyi Veter, the explosion was audible even in Dzhankoy, located to the north of the peninsula under Russian occupation.

"Residents in Dzhankoy also heard this explosion, according to subscribers. It seems like quite a powerful blast," reads the statement.

Powerful explosion heard near Armyanskm occupied Crimea

Jankoy and Armyansk in the northern part of Crimea on the map (photo: screenshot from

Explosions in Crimea

In the occupied Crimea, a surge in various explosions is becoming more frequent, accompanied by pro-Ukrainian sentiments among the local population. The defense forces have carried out dozens of operations on the peninsula and in the Black Sea, targeting Russian occupiers' bases, depots, and ships.

A series of explosions occurred in Crimea on December 21. Local Telegram channels reported at least four explosions in Kerch, while Russian media claimed that the air defense system successfully engaged targets with no reported damage. The occupiers closed traffic on the Crimean Bridge, and online reports noted that smoke rose in the vicinity of Industrial Highway in Kerch after the explosions.

Additionally, on December 20, explosions were heard in Crimea. Subsequent reports indicated that the long-range space communication centre of the Russian Aerospace Forces was hit, resulting in damage.