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Explosions in Kerch: Russian occupiers close traffic on Crimean Bridge

Explosions in Kerch: Russian occupiers close traffic on Crimean Bridge Photo: Explosions in Kerch, the Crimean Bridge was closed (wikipedia)

On December 21, powerful explosions were reported in Kerch. Russian occupiers closed the Crimean Bridge, according to local Telegram channels.

Local residents reported a series of explosions - initially, two occurred, followed by another two later.

At the same time, Russian occupiers closed traffic on the Crimean Bridge. The reasons were not explained.

Russian media claim that the anti-aircraft defense of the Russian Federation allegedly worked on targets in the area of the Crimean Bridge. Propagandists traditionally state that "there is no damage."

Meanwhile, photos of smoke in the area of the Industrial Highway in Kerch are being circulated on social media

Situation in Crimea

The situation in Crimea is currently marked by increasing reports of explosions, and pro-Ukrainian sentiments are noted among the residents. Ukrainian forces have conducted numerous operations on the peninsula and in the Black Sea, targeting Russian bases, depots, and ships.

On December 20, explosions were heard in Crimea. Later, media reported that the explosions targeted the center of the long-range space communication of the Russian Aerospace Forces, resulting in damage.

Earlier, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy expressed the opinion that de-occupying Crimea would be easier than the Donbas region. According to him, this concerns not only the liberation of territories but also the overall sentiment of the population.