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Orban announces arrival in Beijing on 'peace mission'

Orban announces arrival in Beijing on 'peace mission' Viktor Orban, Prime Minister of Hungary (
Author: Maria Kholina

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban's plane landed in Beijing following a series of visits by the politician to Ukraine, Russia, and Azerbaijan. The head of the Hungarian government wrote that he came to China on his "peace mission," citing Orban's X account.

The Hungarian prime minister published a photo after landing at the airport of the Chinese capital.

"Peace mission 3.0. Beijing," he captioned the photo.

It is most likely a continuation of Orban's "peace" initiative to end Russia's war against Ukraine, which he discussed last week with the Ukrainian president in Kyiv and the Russian dictator in Moscow.

Орбан заявив про прибуття у Пекін із "мирною місією"

Orban landed in China on July 8 (photo:

Updated at 05:20: Orban to meet with Xi Jinping

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that on July 8, Chinese leader Xi Jinping is scheduled to meet with Orban. According to Xinhua, the meeting will take place for in-depth communication "on issues of mutual interest."

The Chinese state news agency provided no further details about their meeting and negotiations.


Hungarian media reported Orban's intention to visit China after meetings in Kyiv, Moscow, and Azerbaijan.

At the same time, official Budapest did not provide any information about this trip. However, the country's foreign minister, Peter Szijjarto, recently announced "steps towards peace" in Ukraine next week. He advised politicians to "fasten their seat belts." This was his reaction to the criticism of Prime Minister Orban for his recent meeting with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

Orban's 'peace initiatives'

Almost a week ago, Orban traveled to Kyiv and met with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. On matters of peace, he suggested considering the possibility of a unilateral truce to enter into negotiations with Russia.

Last Friday, he spoke with Putin in Moscow. Orban said he asked the dictator what he thought about "peace initiatives," ceasefires, peace talks, and the post-war European security system.

Additionally, the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs reacted to Orban's meeting with Putin, emphasizing that the principle of "no agreements on Ukraine without Ukraine" remains unshakable.