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Not just weapons: US aid for Ukraine contains two more important parts, ambassador

Not just weapons: US aid for Ukraine contains two more important parts, ambassador Photo: Bridget Brink, US Ambassador to Ukraine (Vitalii Nosach, RBC-Ukraine)

The USA plans to allocate more than 60 billion dollars to Ukraine. They want to send the money to military supplies, as well as to support the country's budget and economy, says US Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink during a briefing.

"The president's request for Ukraine contains three parts, basically a part of security, which is, weapons, a part of direct support of the budget, which is self-explanatory, and a part of economic support... The security assistance is sort of self-evidentiary, people understand why that's important, but the direct budget support and and the economic support is not," said Brink.

According to the ambassador, she, along with Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and others, sent letters to Congress in which they explained the importance of direct support for Ukraine's budget and economy.

"While Ukraine needs to win the war, it also needs to survive, the economy needs to survive. And our direct budget support is meant not just to help Ukraine now, and today, and, you know, indefinitely - it's actually meant to help move you (Ukraine - ed.) toward self-sufficiency," Brink said.

She specified that most of the US financial aid should be directed to the development of Ukrainian exports - opening up sales channels, improving checkpoints, and supporting businesses that are ready to export their goods.

Energy was also an important point. The states have already allocated about a billion dollars to support the energy system of Ukraine - to repair damage and create a decentralized modern system.

As the diplomat said, she sees a certain fatigue in the US from the war in Ukraine. But our country does not want to be dependent on other countries.

"We want to support Ukraine in becoming the country that Ukrainians have aspired to and dreamed of... It's a Ukraine that's independent, sovereign, prosperous, and integrated into Euro-Atlantic institutions, which means the EU and someday NATO... And that's what we support," Brink stressed.

She is confident that Congress will approve new aid to Ukraine. But the terms and size cannot be predicted yet.

Aid to Ukraine from US

For several months the USA has not been able to allocate new funding for aid to Ukraine in order to resume the supply of weapons and not only.

Recently, the Senate passed a bill that provides more than 60 billion dollars for our country.

However, the House of Representatives has so far refused to bring it up for consideration. There are also initiatives to allocate less than 60 billion dollars for Ukraine - only for military aid without supporting the budget and economy.