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NATO finds no indications of Russian intent to attack Romania

NATO finds no indications of Russian intent to attack Romania Deputy Secretary-General of NATO, Mircea Geoană (Photo:
Author: Daria Shekina

NATO stated that there were no indications that Russia had deliberately planned to attack the territory of Romania, according to the statement of NATO's Deputy Secretary-General Mircea Geoană.

He stated that there was no evidence that Russia intended to attack a NATO member state after the discovery of debris from a second Russian drone in the vicinity of Plauru.

"I want to assure the Romanian public and the public of neighboring territories that there is no reason for concern," said Geoană.

He also called on people to "remain calm and confident," especially residents of border areas with Ukraine.


On the night of September 4th, Russians once again attacked port infrastructure in the Odesa region with kamikaze drones.

After some time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine announced that the drone had also struck Romanian territory, but initially, the Romanian Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defense denied this information. However, later, Romanian President Klaus Iohannis acknowledged the incident.

Furthermore, on September 9th, the Romanian Ministry of Defense reported that they had found new drone fragments similar to those used by Russian military forces. Following this, Bucharest summoned the Russian chargé d'affaires for an explanation.