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Israel plans to wage war against Hamas with even greater force

Israel plans to wage war against Hamas with even greater force Yoav Gallant, Minister of Defense of Israel (Photo: Getty Images)
Author: Daria Shekina

After the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, the IDF will return to combat operations with even greater force, according to the statement made by the Israeli Defense Minister, Yoav Gallant.

"You now have a few days, we will return to fighting, we will use the same amount of power and more," he stated.

According to him, after the ceasefire, Israel will first use airstrikes against Hamas militants, followed by tank shells and artillery fire, ultimately culminating in ground forces.

"We will fight in the entire Strip," he said.


Earlier today, U.S. President Joe Biden expressed hope that the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas would be extended.

Moreover, on November 25, the head of Egypt's State Information Service announced that Cairo had received positive signals from all sides regarding a possible extension of the Gaza ceasefire for one or two days.

Recently, Bloomberg reported that Israel and Hamas might extend the temporary ceasefire in Gaza to allow for the release of more hostages and detainees.

Hostage release during the ceasefire

Israel recently signed an agreement with Hamas for a temporary ceasefire in the Gaza Strip in exchange for the release of hostages. The first exchange took place on November 24. Hamas released 24 individuals, 13 Israeli citizens, and 11 foreigners. They were transported to Israeli hospitals, where they would reunite with their families.

On November 25, the Red Cross received the second group of hostages released by Hamas, consisting of 17 individuals, including 4 foreigners.

Also, on November 26, Hamas released 17 more hostages, including both Israelis and foreigners.

According to reports, Israel released 39 Palestinian minors from prisons as part of the hostage exchange agreement with Hamas.

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