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Biden hopes for ceasefire extension between Israel and Hamas

Biden hopes for ceasefire extension between Israel and Hamas Photo: US President Joe Biden (GettyImages)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

US President Joe Biden expressed hope that the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas will continue, according to Reuters.

Thus, Biden hopes, more hostages will be released. He also commented on the release of 4-year-old American Abigail Idan, whose parents were killed by Hamas militants, and she herself was captured on October 7.

"What she went through is unimaginable," Biden says at a press conference in the US.

Release of hostages

Israel signed an agreement with Hamas on a temporary ceasefire in the Gaza Strip in exchange for the release of hostages.

The first exchange took place on November 24. Hamas released 24 people - 13 Israeli citizens and 11 foreigners. They were taken to Israeli hospitals, where they will be reunited with their loved ones.

On November 25, the Red Cross received the second group of hostages released by Hamas, consisting of 17 people, including 4 foreigners.

Also, on November 26, Hamas released 17 more hostages, including both Israelis and foreign citizens.

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Bloomberg reported that Israel and Hamas may extend a temporary ceasefire in Gaza to allow the release of more hostages and prisoners.