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Israel and Hamas plan to extend ceasefire to free more hostages

Israel and Hamas plan to extend ceasefire to free more hostages Israel and Hamas may extend truce to free prisoners (Photo: GettyImages)

Israel and Hamas may extend the temporary ceasefire in Gaza to allow for the release of more hostages and prisoners, according to Bloomberg.

The four-day cessation of hostilities between Israel and Hamas, mediated by Qatar and commencing on November 24, necessitated the release of 50 Palestinian hostages in exchange for the release of 150 hostages held by Israel.

Every day that Hamas releases an additional 10 prisoners, Israel agrees to cease fire. Currently, 58 hostages and 117 Palestinian prisoners have been released. On Monday, November 27, Hamas plans to release 11 more Israelis.

U.S. President Joe Biden endorsed the extension of the ceasefire, highlighting its potential for dispensing greater humanitarian aid to Gaza and securing the release of hostages.

“This deal is structured so that it can be extended to keep building on these results,” Biden told reporters. “That’s my goal.”

It is noteworthy that on the evening of November 26, Hamas stated its desire to prolong the truce beyond the four-day span.

According to Israeli Defense Forces spokesperson Daniel Hagari, the army is readying for the forthcoming combat phase, while simultaneously aspiring to repatriate as many captives as practicable before it ensues.

The Israeli military council purportedly convenes to contemplate extending the ceasefire.

Release of hostages

Israel reached an accord with Hamas for a short-term truce in the Gaza Strip, in exchange for the liberation of hostages.

The initial exchange occurred on November 24, with Hamas releasing a total of 24 hostages - 13 Israeli nationals and 11 foreigners - who were subsequently transported to Israeli hospitals to reunite with their families.

The Red Cross received the second batch of hostages freed by Hamas on November 25, comprising 17 individuals, including 4 foreign nationals.

Also on November 26, Hamas released 17 additional hostages, comprised of both Israeli and foreign individuals.

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