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Hamas militants hand over new group of hostages to Red Cross

Hamas militants hand over new group of hostages to Red Cross Hamas hands over a new group of hostages to the Red Cross (Photo: GettyImages)

The Red Cross has received the second group of Hamas captives in Egypt. The transfer of 17 individuals has been reported, according to the Israeli Armed Forces and The Times of Israel.

The Red Cross representatives have recently relocated the hostages to Egypt. As per the Israel Defence Force's (IDF) report, 17 hostages - consisting of 13 Israeli hostages comprising eight women and five children, and four Thai hostages - have successfully been freed.

The hostages will be transported to the Rafah crossing in Egypt and handed over to Israeli authorities before being brought into the country through the side entrance at the Kerem Shalom crossing.

The released hostages are currently being assisted by the Special Forces and ISA. The hostages who were released underwent an initial medical examination in Israel. They will continue to be accompanied by IDF soldiers as they are transported to Israeli hospitals where they will be reunited with their families.

Release of hostages

Israel and Hamas reached a temporary ceasefire agreement in the Gaza Strip, with the release of hostages being the key consideration.

The first exchange was carried out on November 24, with Hamas releasing 24 individuals, encompassing 13 Israeli citizens and 11 foreign nationals. The released individuals were transported to hospitals across Israel, where they reunited with their loved ones.

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