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Huge explosion rocks Turkish port on August 7 - Grain silo destroyed

Huge explosion rocks Turkish port on August 7 - Grain silo destroyed Explosion hits Turkish port on August 7 (Photo: Getty Images)

An explosion rocked near the major Turkish commercial port of Derince in the Marmara Sea on Monday, August 7th, reports CNN Turk.

Preliminarily, the explosion occurred at 14:40 local time. Witnesses report that the explosion took place at one of the wheat elevators during grain unloading onto a ship.

It is also known that at least 10 people were injured as a result of the explosion, with some of them being hospitalized.

Emergency response teams including fire and rescue, medical, and police units have been dispatched to the incident area.

"We were worried that there was an earthquake with a big noise, then we learned that there was an explosion. The incident took place completely within an area of ​​​​25 meters. The incident was serious but local. Wheat is being emptied with ladles, is there anyone underneath it? There are about 40 silos here, 2 of them exploded," stated the Mayor of Derince, Zeki Aygün.

It's worth noting that there is currently no official information about the cause of the explosion.

Grain deal

On July 17th, Russia announced its complete withdrawal from the "grain deal." In response, Ukraine declared its readiness to export grain through a trilateral arrangement. Meanwhile, Russia initiated shelling on Odesa, targeting ports and relevant infrastructure.

In response to these actions, the EU urged the "Group of Twenty" countries to pressure Russia in order to bring it back to the grain agreement.

Simultaneously, Russian forces began shelling Odesa, attacking the port and harbor infrastructure.

Later, the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin attempted to influence Africa and promised some countries free grain.