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Greece preparing aid for Ukraine, Air Force hit one of most expensive Russian drones - Monday brief

Greece preparing aid for Ukraine, Air Force hit one of most expensive Russian drones - Monday brief RBC-Ukraine collage

Yesterday, April 1, Greece started preparing an aid package for Ukraine. Meanwhile, Ukrainian air defense forces shot down one of the enemy's most expensive UAVs Forpost.

RBC-Ukraine collected the main news for April 1.

Russia's war against Ukraine: Latest

Greece prepares to transfer large batch of ammunition to Ukraine

Greece plans to deliver a large batch of ammunition to Ukraine. It will be transferred through Czechia,

"The government is preparing to send a large quantity of ammunition to Ukraine through Czechia and is seeking approval from the relevant parliamentary committee," informs iEidiseis.

The media also indicates that the ammunition will come from the stocks of the Greek army, and the Armed Forces of Greece have assessed them as "fit for use."

Greece plans to sell them for 150 million euros. Military officials also reported that among the ammunition put up for sale are those that have been used in training exercises.

Ukrainian defenders shot down one of most expensive Russian drones

Ukrainian air defense forces shot down a Russian drone Forpost over the Black Sea waters. It is one of the enemy's most expensive UAVs.

Spokesperson of the Air Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Illia Yevlash, said that the Russians once again attempted to strike Ukrainian infrastructure objects. Specifically, they employed Kh-59 missiles.

"But that's not all. The Air Force today hit a fairly good target. We don't often encounter such targets, but we managed to hit one of the most expensive strike drones of the Forpost type," the spokesperson noted.

According to him, the cost of such a drone is around 7 million dollars. The target was destroyed by the Odesa anti-aircraft missile brigade over the Black Sea.

Yevlash specified that the drone can carry various combat payloads and carry out combat missions along the front line for an extended period.

The drone is analogous to the Bayraktar, as it is quite large, capable of reconnaissance, and carrying two missiles or other armament for ground targets destruction.

'Not possible to just sit and wait': Zelenskyy's office addresses allies with important statement

The advisor to the head of the Ukrainian President's Office, Mykhailo Podolyak, has made a crucial statement to Ukraine's allies.

"Without illusions. There is no positional war (no advancement, but the intensity of fighting is extremely high), no signs of 'freezing'. RF has not solved its basic tasks (among which are destruction of a sovereign state, seizure and legal fixation of foreign territories, filtration/deportation and killing of large groups of disloyal population) and therefore continues to escalate," he said.

Podoliak emphasized that Russia is throwing all its resources into the war, and such a war only has a military solution.

"So, once again: let's have no illusions; it will not be possible to just sit and wait; it will still be necessary to dramatically expand military production and saturate Ukraine with a parity amount of weapons. The faster, the more effective and the better the situation will look," he said.

France expects China to send signals to Russia over war in Ukraine

France expects "very clear signals to Russia" from China regarding the war in Ukraine.

"We expect China to send very clear signals to Russia. China obviously plays a key role in ensuring Ukraine's independence and respect for international law, including its sovereignty," French Foreign Minister, Stéphane Séjourne, said.

The Western community regularly urges China to play a more active role in this conflict, using its influence on Russia.

"This war concerns the entire international community," Séjourne said.

He also emphasized that the West is convinced that there will be no lasting peace unless it is agreed upon with the Ukrainians.

Zelenskyy convened meeting regarding drones and EW project

Ukraine plans to simplify and increase the production of all types of UAVs this year.

According to President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, a three-hour meeting with military officials on drone production took place yesterday.

"We have updated and detailed production plans for the current year for all types of UAVs: FPV, bombers, reconnaissance, as well as long-range drones for special missions," the president said.

The meeting discussed how to ensure flexibility in the Ukrainian defense industry. The president noted that the frontline needs are constantly changing, so drone manufacturers must respond to them promptly.

"Important decisions were made regarding streamlining procurement procedures, importing components, increasing ammunition production for drones, and training operators," Zelenskyy revealed.