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Ukrainian defenders shot down one of most expensive Russian drones

Ukrainian defenders shot down one of most expensive Russian drones Illustrative photo: Ukrainian defenders shot down one of the most expensive Russian drones Forpost (MoD of the Russian Federation)

Ukrainian air defense forces shot down a Russian drone Forpost over the Black Sea waters. It is one of the enemy's most expensive UAVs, according to a statement by the spokesperson of the Air Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Illia Yevlash, during a national telethon.

He mentioned that today, on April 1st, the Russians once again attempted to strike Ukrainian infrastructure objects. Specifically, they employed Kh-59 missiles.

"But that's not all. The Air Force today hit a fairly good target. We don't often encounter such targets, but we managed to hit one of the most expensive strike drones of the Forpost type," the spokesperson noted.

According to him, the cost of such a drone is around 7 million dollars. The target was destroyed by the Odesa anti-aircraft missile brigade over the Black Sea.

Yevlash specified that the drone can carry various combat payloads and carry out combat missions along the front line for an extended period.

The drone is analogous to the Bayraktar, as it is quite large, capable of reconnaissance, and carrying two missiles or other armament for ground targets destruction.

Destruction of the Forpost

The last information about the destruction of the Russian drone Forpost appeared in the public sources in September of last year. At that time, the Defense Forces of the South of Ukraine reported successful operations near Zmiinyi (Snake) Island.

Military officials noted that the danger of the drone lies in its ability not only for reconnaissance but also in designating targets for strikes.