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Explosions occurred in Belgorod and Kursk

Explosions occurred in Belgorod and Kursk Explosions occurred in Belgorod and Kursk (illustrative photo: Getty Images)

During the night of February 19, there were explosions in Belgorod and Kursk, according to the Telegram channels Astra and the Governor of Kursk Region, Roman Starovoit.

Governor of Kursk region, Roman Starovoit, reported on the operation of the air defense system in the city.

"The air defense system is operating in Kursk region. The missile danger regime is still in effect," Starovoit wrote.

Governor of Belgorod region, Vyacheslav Gladkov, did not comment on the situation. Local Telegram channels reported that it was noisy over Belgorod region. The explosions were heard by residents of Gubkin, Severny, and Stroitel.

The aerial distance from the borders of Ukraine to Belgorod region is almost 60 km, and to Kursk Region - almost 100 km.

Explosions in Russia

Earlier, we reported that a large fire broke out at an unnamed enterprise in Izhevsk.

By the way, residents of Rostov heard explosions. It was reported online about the alleged operation of the air defense system.

We also reported that on Thursday, February 15, there were explosions in Belgorod. Russians claimed a flight to a shopping center.

On the night of February 15, Russians reported a massive fire near Kursk. It was claimed that an oil depot reservoir was on fire.

Sources of RBC-Ukraine in the special services reported that today's explosions and fire in Kursk Region are an operation by the GRU.

Earlier, we reported that a fire occurred at the MiG plant in Moscow. It provides maintenance for the MiG fighter-bombers, which Russian troops use to strike Ukraine.