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MiG plant on fire in Moscow, people are being evacuated

MiG plant on fire in Moscow, people are being evacuated MiG plant on fire in Moscow on February 13 (
Author: Maria Kholina

A fire broke out at the MiG plant in Moscow, which is involved in the full servicing - from design to repair - of the eponymous Kinzhal missile carriers, which are participating in attacks against Ukraine, according to the Baza Telegram channel.

"A fire broke out at the MiG plant on Leningrad Avenue in Moscow. According to preliminary data, the fire broke out in a workshop under reconstruction, attached to the existing building of the plant," Baza reported.

According to the Telegram channel, the fire occurred on the second and third floors of the building - the cause is still unknown.

"The area of the fire is 70 square meters. Evacuation is currently underway. Several fire brigades are on their way to the scene: there is a risk of the fire spreading to other buildings of the plant," the report said.

Just half an hour later, Baza wrote that supposedly the open fire at the MiG plant in Moscow had been extinguished.

"The roof continues to smolder. Firefighters are trying to prevent the fire from spreading to neighboring buildings: they are dismantling the roof and pouring water on the floors to prevent the fire from spreading further," the authors added, showing a video from the scene of the incident.

Currently, there are no official reports on the fire at the important MiG plant in Moscow.

About the MiG plant

MiG is a Russian aircraft manufacturing company, a full-cycle enterprise that combines all aspects of designing, manufacturing, supporting, and repairing MiG aircraft.

Among the products of the plant are modern interceptors, multi-role combat aircraft and MiG fighter jets, including those of new development.

Fires at Moscow plants

Fires frequently occur in Moscow, with factories associated with the Russian defense complex being the epicenter of most fires.

For instance, in mid-August 2023, there was an explosion at the Zagorsk Optical-Mechanical Plant in the city of Sergiyev Posad, Moscow Region, where, presumably, over 10 people were killed. Also, in the Moscow suburb of Noginsk, there was a massive fire at a warehouse with paint and varnish materials on August 21 of last year.

Besides, Moscow is constantly being attacked by drones. Ukrainian intelligence had previously warned residents of Moscow that they should stay alert, as the number of drone attacks would only increase.