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Oil depot in Kursk region of Russia attacked by Defense Intelligence of Ukraine - sources

Oil depot in Kursk region of Russia attacked by Defense Intelligence of Ukraine - sources DIU attacks oil depot in Kursk region, Russia (armyinform-com-ua)
Author: Maria Kholina

An oil depot was attacked in the Kursk region of Russia on the night of February 15. Intelligence sources have confirmed to RBC-Ukraine that this operation was executed by the DIU (Defense Intelligence of Ukraine).

According to the sources, the explosions and ensuing inferno that engulfed the Kursk region today are attributed to the DIU operation, with the target reportedly struck successfully. The facility targeted was the Polevaya oil depot in Russia's Kursk region.

Russian sources themselves reported a massive conflagration following the explosion at the oil depot, circulating footage of the incident online.


Shortly after midnight on February 15, reports began to surface online among Russians regarding a raging fire near Kursk. It was alleged that an oil depot reservoir was ablaze, with reports of explosions preceding the inferno.

The Governor of the Kursk region asserted that the depot had come under drone attack, leading to the outbreak of the fire. However, in customary Russian official fashion, assurances were given that there were no casualties.

Other attacks on Russian refineries

Ukrainian drone attacks on Russian refineries are becoming increasingly systematic. Recently, a drone targeted one of the largest oil refineries in Yaroslavl.

Sources from RBC-Ukraine also reported that SSU drones struck refineries in Tuapse, resulting in a significant blaze.

Moreover, SSU drones successfully targeted the oil terminal at Ust-Luga Oil, where fuel is processed, including supplies for the Russian military.

Just last week, two refineries in Krasnodar Krai, namely the Ilsky and Afipsky refineries, came under attack.