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Drone attacks one of largest refineries in Russian city of Yaroslavl

Drone attacks one of largest refineries in Russian city of Yaroslavl Photo: Yaroslavl refinery attacked by drone (
Author: Liliana Oleniak

An airplane-type drone attacked the Slavneft-YANOS oil refinery in Yaroslavl, Russia, Telegram Channel 112 reports.

The UAV crashed near a hydrocracking unit. No one was preliminarily injured. The scene is currently cordoned off, and a demining team is expected to arrive.

The Novo-Yaroslavsk Oil Refinery (Slavneft-YANOS) was put into operation in 1961.

Currently, Slavneft-YANOS is one of Russia's largest refineries producing refined products.

The average volume of oil refining at Slavneft-YANOS is about 15 million tons of oil per year.

Drone attacks on refineries in Russia

Drone attacks on oil refineries in Russia have become more frequent in recent days. In particular, on January 24, a UAV attacked a refinery in Tuapse.

RBC-Ukraine's sources said that the oil refinery in Tuapse, Russia, was another target of the Security Service of Ukraine. It is emphasized that SSU drones had attacked this important object for the enemy.

After two powerful explosions on the night of January 25, a large-scale fire broke out there, and the primary oil processing unit, namely the vacuum and atmospheric columns, was damaged.

"There will be many more surprises, systematic work is ongoing," the source said.

Also on January 19, a powerful fire broke out at the oil depot in Klintsy, Bryansk region. The Russians claimed an alleged drone attack.