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Explosions in Russian Belgorod: Consequences, videos, and photos

Explosions in Russian Belgorod: Consequences, videos, and photos Photo: explosions are reported again in Belgorod (rus media)

Explosions were heard again in the city of Belgorod (Russia) on Thursday evening, January 4. Residents attribute this to the operation of air defense systems and mention "strikes", according to local Telegram channels.

This evening in Belgorod, sirens were heard, followed by the spread of messages on social networks about missile danger. In particular, the governor of the Belgorod region, Vyacheslav Gladkov, reported this.

Later, footage appeared on the internet and accounts of explosion sounds. They were explained, in particular, by the operation of the air defense systems of the Russian Federation.

Additionally, videos capturing the moment of the explosion in Belgorod have been posted on the internet.

The Telegram channel Zhеst Belgorod shared photos online showing "the first consequences of the shelling on Pochtovaya... A crater on Makarenko Street."

Situation in Belgorod

On December 30, Russian media claimed an alleged shelling of the city of Belgorod. It was reported that over 40 buildings and 60 vehicles were damaged. Shortly after, sources from RBC-Ukraine in the special services reported that the Security and Defense Forces launched a missile strike on military targets in Belgorod.

Additionally, the Russians claimed that the so-called shelling continued on January 1 and 2. The Russian Ministry of Defense spoke of allegedly intercepted missiles.

On the morning of January 3, explosions and sirens were heard again in Belgorod, and the local governor stated that the situation was "tense."