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Explosions in Rostov: Russians claim to shoot down missile

Explosions in Rostov: Russians claim to shoot down missile Explosions in Rostov, Russians claim to shoot down missile (Photo: Getty Images)

In the Russian city of Rostov and the region, powerful explosions were reported during the day on March 25. Local authorities claimed that a missile had been allegedly shot down, according to Russian media.

Russian media reports at least three explosions in the sky over Rostov and its suburbs. Additionally, two loud explosions were heard in the territory of Novocherkassk.

The Governor of the Rostov Region, Vasily Golubev, reported the alleged missile downing over the region. According to him, debris from the missile fell in the fields.

"Air defense units practiced on airborne targets in the sky between Novocherkassk and Bataysk. The enemy missile attack was successfully repelled. According to preliminary data, missile debris fell in the fields, but no object damage was recorded. There were no casualties. The information is being clarified," he wrote.

Meanwhile, the Russian Ministry of Defense stated that two guided anti-aircraft missiles, S-200, were allegedly destroyed in the Rostov region.

Strikes in Russia

On March 23, drones attacked four regions of Russia. High-rise buildings and a business center were damaged, and a private house caught fire.

We also reported that an oil refinery caught fire in the Samara region. The citizens reported a drone attack.

At the beginning of March, four Russian regions came under drone attack. The Ministry of Defense claimed to have shot down nearly 50 drones. More details - in the material by RBC-Ukraine.