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Explosion in Bryansk region - Power outage in one of villages

Explosion in Bryansk region - Power outage in one of villages Illustrative photo (photo: Getty Images)

A sound of an explosion was heard in the town of Pogar in the Bryansk region of Russia. Locals have reported a power outage, according to Russian propaganda Telegram channels.

According to local reports, there was a sound resembling an explosion, followed by a massive fire at a local substation.

It is also known that the town has been left without electan ricity supply.

Official information regarding the explosion and any casualties is currently unavailable.

Updated at 01:07

As reported by the governor of the region, Alexander Bohomaz, the town has been left without electricity due to an attack on the substation. Local residents have reported a minimum of four explosion sounds.

Photo: Explosion in Bryansk Oblast (Russian media)

Explosions on Russian territory

There have been frequent reports of explosions and fires in recent times on the territory of Russia.

For instance, just yesterday, on September 24, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced the operation of air defense systems in the Bryansk region.

Additionally, a week ago, residents of the Bryansk region reported loud explosions due to what was claimed to be drone attacks.