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China deploys four warships near Taiwan

China deploys four warships near Taiwan Photo: China deploys four warships near Taiwan (Getty Images)

The Armed Forces of China have deployed four warships in the waters around Taiwan Island, reports Yomiuri.

According to the source, Beijing intends to exert pressure on the administration of Taiwan during peacetime through this deployment.

It is noted that in the event of an emergency situation in Taiwan, the ships will act in coordination with air defense systems to prevent the approach of military forces from other countries to the island.

The four ships are located near the western edge of Japan, as well as in waters to the southwest and north of Taiwan.

Analysts point out that by taking such actions, China is strengthening its capabilities to prevent the entry of armed forces from other countries into the zone around Taiwan. This strategy aims to prevent the penetration of the U.S. military into the "first island chain," which connects Taiwan with the islands of Nansei and the Philippines.

What preceded

Recently, presidential elections took place in Taiwan. The leadership was secured by the pro-Western candidate Lai Ching-te from the ruling Democratic Progressive Party.

Against the backdrop of the elections, the spokesperson for the U.S. House of Representatives, Mike Johnson, stated that a delegation of congressmen visited Taiwan to support the newly elected president.

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