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Canada to send batch of boats to Ukraine and commence F-16 pilot training

Canada to send batch of boats to Ukraine and commence F-16 pilot training Illustrative photo (Photo: Getty Images)
Author: Daria Shekina

Canada today, on January 23, announced the provision of a new aid package for Ukraine. It includes 10 multi-role boats from Zodiac Hurricane Technologies, according to the Minister of Defense of Canada, Bill Blair.

It is noted that the batch of boats is estimated at approximately 20 million Canadian dollars.

About the boats

These multi-engine Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIBs) will assist Ukraine in various maritime operations, including search and rescue operations, troop and cargo transportation, surveillance, and reconnaissance.

"Each boat will come with a sophisticated sensor, navigation, and communications system. This donation includes the provision of commercially contracted training for Ukrainian operators, as well as trailers and spare parts," the statement said.

It is expected that the delivery of these boats with training will be completed by the end of spring 2024.

Training of pilots on F-16

The minister also announced that starting next month, to support Canada's coalition membership, the country would provide civilian instructors, aircraft, and support staff hired under a contract with Top Aces Inc., based in Montreal, for training F-16 for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

This support is estimated at approximately 15 million dollars. The training will begin in February 2024 and will last until 2025.

Canada will also provide English language training for Ukrainian military personnel at the Canadian Armed Forces Language School. This work will be a significant contribution to the mission of equipping and arming the Armed Forces of Ukraine with F-16 fighters.

Other assistance from Canada

Minister Blair also announced Canada's participation in two coalitions under the umbrella of the Ukraine Defense Advisory Group, namely, the armored coalition and the Armed Forces coalition.

The head of the Canadian Ministry of Defense also noted that more shipments of previously announced assistance had been sent to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including small arms and NATO standard ammunition, as well as winter clothing and equipment. More deliveries of these goods are expected in the coming weeks.

"For almost two years, Canada has remained in close contact with Allies and partners through the Ukraine Defence Contact Group meetings to best understand and help address Ukraine’s urgent and longer-term defence priorities. We continue to strengthen our collaboration and coordination to provide Ukraine with the military aid it needs to defend its sovereignty and security," the minister said.


It was previously reported that today, January 23, the meeting of the Ukraine Defense Advisory Group in the Ramstein format began, the 18th in the series.

Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin urged participants in the meeting to provide the Armed Forces of Ukraine with "more lifesaving ground-based air-defense systems and interceptors."

Ukrainian Defense Minister Rustem Umerov, during today's meeting of the Ukraine Defense Advisory Group in the Ramstein format, revealed what the Armed Forces of Ukraine need to break through.

The head of the Press and Information Department of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Ilarion Pavliuk, reported that during the regular meeting in the Ramstein format, issues of increasing deliveries of long-range weapons to Ukraine were discussed.