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Canada cannot deliver promised NASAMS to Ukraine, reason named

Canada cannot deliver promised NASAMS to Ukraine, reason named NASAMS air defense missile system (photo: Getty Images)

Canada has not yet delivered the promised NASAMS air defense missile system to Ukraine due to a lack of funds from the US. The deal is in a state of suspension, according to the Edmonton Journal.

During his visit to Edmonton this week, Minister of National Defense Bill Blair stated that the issue related to NASAMS for Ukraine is at the state level.

Last year, Canada allocated funds to purchase the system under a contract with the US. However, the coalition procurement is still in a state of suspension.

Blair noted that the Americans must provide funding to complete the contracts. According to him, without a purchase agreement, it would take years for the normal procurement process.

"We’ve tried to expedite that. Unfortunately, the Americans ran into some challenges in their own funding envelope," Blair said.

He added that all parties understand the importance of this project and feel a strong sense of urgency.

NASAMS for Ukraine from Canada and the US

NASAMS is a Norwegian mobile air defense missile system capable of launching 72 missiles in 12 seconds. It is used to shoot down aircraft, helicopters, and cruise missiles within a radius of up to 40 kilometers. The air defense system was developed by the Norwegian company Kongsberg and the American company Raytheon.

In January 2023, Canada announced its intention to purchase NASAMS from the US and transfer it to Ukraine. In March, the Canadian Ministry of Defense paid the US government $406 million for the system.

However, it was revealed in early January of this year that the US has not yet transferred the air defense system to Canada. Therefore, it is unknown when Kyiv will receive the system.

Canada has asked the US to expedite the transfer of the system to Ukraine.