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Cameron calls on NATO to increase spending to support Ukraine

Cameron calls on NATO to increase spending to support Ukraine Photo: British Foreign Secretary David Cameron (Getty Images)

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron called for NATO allies to increase defense spending and production in support of Ukraine amid the ongoing Russian invasion, according to Reuters.

"Allies need to step up and spend more on defense in the face of continued Russian aggression and a more dangerous world," said Cameron.

The British Secretary will ask the allies to endorse British-led initiatives to procure NATO standard missiles and munitions for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The UK has spent billions of dollars in its support for Ukraine since 2022 when the invasion began.

"With Ukraine closer to NATO than ever, we must sustain the critical support Ukraine needs to win the war," Cameron said.

UK assistance to Ukraine

Britain has been one of Ukraine's key allies since the onset of the full-scale Russian invasion. Ukrainian defenders have received Challenger 2 tanks, AS-90 self-propelled artillery units, artillery shells, and many other weapons.

Additionally, British instructors assist in training Ukrainian servicemen deployed to the frontlines.

On January 12, the United Kingdom allocated the largest aid package to Ukraine since the start of the war. This was announced by the country's Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, during his visit to Kyiv.