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Britain condemns use of North Korean missiles by Russian army in Ukraine

Britain condemns use of North Korean missiles by Russian army in Ukraine Photo: Britain condemned the use of missiles from North Korea by the Russian army in Ukraine (Getty Images)

Britain has condemned the use of ballistic weaponry by the Russian army, acquired from North Korea, during recent attacks on Ukrainian territory, according to Reuters.

"The UK strongly condemns Russia’s decision to use ballistic missiles sourced from North Korea in recent attacks against Ukraine. We urge North Korea to cease its arms supply to Russia," said a representative of the UK Foreign Ministry.

According to the UK Foreign Ministry spokesperson, new sanctions against North Korea may be imposed for transferring missiles to Russia.

"UK will continue to work with its partners to ensure that North Korea pays a high price for supporting Russia's illegal war in Ukraine," the statement said.

North Korea supplies weapons to Russia for the war against Ukraine

According to US intelligence, it has been revealed that Russian ships have regularly visited the North Korean port of Rason since August. North Korea has sent approximately 2000 containers of weapons to Russia.

Matthew Miller, a representative of the State Department, stated that the United States expresses concern about the military cooperation between Russia and North Korea.

White House National Security Council Coordinator John Kirby announced that Russia acquired ballistic missiles from North Korea, which have already been used in attacks on Ukraine.

Shortly after, WP reported that North Korea may have transferred several dozen ballistic missiles to Russia for strikes against Ukraine.