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Biden doesn't rule out sending US troops to Taiwan in case of Chinese invasion

Biden doesn't rule out sending US troops to Taiwan in case of Chinese invasion Photo: US President Joe Biden (Getty Images)
Author: Daryna Vialko

The United States may deploy its troops to Taiwan in case of a Chinese invasion, according to US President Joe Biden.

"Not ruling out using US military force. There’s a distinction between deploying on the ground, air power and naval power, etc.," Biden said.

According to the President, "it would depend on the circumstances".

"I've made clear to Xi Jinping that we agree with—we signed on to previous presidents going way back—to the policy of, that we are not seeking independence for Taiwan nor will we in fact, not defend Taiwan if China unilaterally tries to change the status. And so we're continuing to supply capacity. And we've been in consultation with our allies in the region," added Biden.

The conflict between Taiwan and China

Taiwan considers itself to be a separate state, but China calls the island part of its territories. Beijing calls the Taiwanese authorities separatists and threatens them with war.

In particular, China has recently resorted to intimidating Taiwan again, promising to destroy the island's independence by force.

It should be noted that the United States provides Taiwan with assistance, including military aid. Therefore, against this background, the conflict between the United States and China is also escalating.

China has also recently conducted large-scale military exercises near Taiwan with simulated attacks.

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