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China completes military drills near Taiwan with simulated attacks

China completes military drills near Taiwan with simulated attacks Photo: Chinese Coast Guard Fleet (Xinhua/Wang Yuguo)

China has announced the completion of two-day military drills around Taiwan. During these exercises, the People's Liberation Army of China simulated attacks with bombers and practiced landing on ships, according to Reuters.

Beijing notes that the military exercises near the island of Taiwan lasted for the planned period.

Their completion was announced on the military channel of Chinese state television late on Friday. The official newspaper, People's Liberation Army Daily, reported that the exercises lasted two days, from Thursday to Friday, as previously announced.

Meanwhile, Taiwan's Ministry of Defense stated on Saturday that there was an increase in the number of Chinese military aircraft and ships involved.

China's exercises

China launched the Joint Sword - 2024A exercises three days after Lai Ching-te became president of Taiwan. Beijing labels him a "separatist" due to his support for Taiwan's independence and closer ties with the United States.

China stated that the military exercises were punishment for Lai's inauguration speech on Monday, in which he said that both sides of the Taiwan Strait "not subordinate to each other." This was perceived by Beijing as a declaration of two separate states.

Furthermore, Taiwanese officials condemned China's exercises and declared that they would not succumb to Beijing's pressure.

More than 60 aircraft were involved in the exercises

Today, May 25, Taiwan's Ministry of Defense reported that yesterday 46 Chinese military aircraft crossed the median line of the Taiwan Strait, which previously served as an unofficial "barrier" between the two sides.

In total, Taipei claims that 62 Chinese aircraft and 27 naval ships were detected during these exercises.

The Taiwanese ministry also stated that modern Su-30 fighters and H-6 nuclear bombers flew over the strait and the Bashi Channel, which separates Taiwan from the Philippines.

It was also reported that on May 23, in response to China's exercises, Taiwan scrambled aircraft and put its troops on high alert.

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