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Apple to unveil something new in May: Date and time revealed

Apple to unveil something new in May: Date and time revealed Apple announced a special event on May 7 (photo: Getty Images)

Apple has announced a special event on May 7, where it is expected to unveil long-awaited updates to its iPad line of tablets and accessories, according to the British national daily newspaper The Mirror.

The last time the iPad received an update was more than a year and a half ago, which is the longest period without changes since it was first announced by Apple founder Steve Jobs in 2010. During this period, iPad sales declined due to market saturation.

What will be shown at the Apple event

Nevertheless, Apple intends to revitalize its iPad lineup at the “Let Loose” event. It is expected to announce updated versions of the flagship iPad Pro and the more affordable iPad Air.

Judging by the image of the Apple Pencil stylus on the invitation, it can also be assumed that improved accessories will be presented.

According to rumors, the iPad Pro is expected to feature more contrasty OLED displays and a high-performance M3 chipset that will significantly improve the performance and visuals of the premium tablet.

Apple випустить щось нове вже у травні: називаємо точну дату та час

The poster shows the Apple Pencil electronic pen (photo: Apple)

As for the iPad Air, the new version will be equipped with a 12.9-inch screen for the first time, bringing it closer to the Pro model in size. The processor and other specifications are also expected to be updated.

In addition, Apple plans to introduce improved versions of iPad accessories, including the Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil stylus, which were last updated in 2018.

The upcoming event from Apple, scheduled for May 7, promises to be significant for the iPad line. It is expected to significantly improve the performance and ergonomics of the tablets, as well as the long-awaited expansion of functionality through improved accessories.

With these innovations, Apple aims to revive interest in the iPad and regain its leadership in the tablet market.

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