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Apple holds negotiations on implementing AI in smartphones

Apple holds negotiations on implementing AI in smartphones Apple is in talks with Google about implementing Gemini AI in iPhones (photo: Pexels)
Author: Maria Kholina

Apple has long awaited in the realm of generative artificial intelligence, opting to give this segment time to mature in the market. However, at the beginning of the current year, Apple's CEO announced plans to release their own developments in the field of generative AI by the end of 2024, according Bloomberg.

About the future innovation

According to Bloomberg expert Mark Gurman, Apple is currently in talks with Google regarding the possible licensing of Gemini AI technology for integration into future iPhone models.

Such collaboration could be beneficial for both Google, granting access to a vast audience of iPhone users, and Apple, allowing them to offer advanced generative artificial intelligence capabilities to their devices.

However, the fact that such negotiations are taking place suggests that Apple's own developments in artificial intelligence are currently lagging behind market leaders. This is despite reports of a possible enhanced Neural Engine chip for generative AI in the iPhone 16, expected later this year.

Presumably, Google's Gemini AI software tools will be used to support cloud functions and integrate new AI capabilities into Apple's services such as Siri, Spotlight, and others.

In addition, Apple's own generative artificial intelligence models will be tightly integrated into the iOS operating system, automatically performing tasks for users and providing them with relevant information.

Who else is Apple negotiating with

Besides Google, Apple is also in talks to integrate generative artificial intelligence technologies with OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT. However, the parties have not yet been able to reach agreement on specific terms of cooperation.

Apple's slow progress in the field of artificial intelligence is causing concern among investors. This year, the company lost leadership in market capitalization to Microsoft. Therefore, the news of a possible partnership between Apple and Google in the field of Gemini AI has had a positive impact on Apple's stock price.

When the contract will be public news

It is expected that an official announcement of the agreement between the companies could be made as early as June at Apple's annual WWDC conference.

Considering that Google is already the default provider of search technologies for the Safari browser, an additional licensing agreement for Gemini AI will be another step in the partnership between the tech giants.