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Zircon or Onyx: Defense Intelligence tells about Russia's new ballistic missile

Zircon or Onyx: Defense Intelligence tells about Russia's new ballistic missile Photo: Representative of the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine General Major Vadym Skibitskyi (Vitalii Nosach, RBC-Ukraine)

The Russian army started to use an unknown type of ballistic missile in its missile attacks against Ukraine. Currently, there are difficulties in determining whether these are Zircon or modernized Onyx missiles, according to RBC-Ukraine material "Kremlin accumulates forces: Russia's potential offensive and amount of missiles it has."

Interlocutors in various sectors of the Armed Forces still doubt whether the adversary has indeed acquired the Zircon missile or modernized Onyx-M missiles. However, the Kyiv air defense system has shown effective results in intercepting them.

"As for the fast missiles flying from the southern direction, it is currently difficult to determine whether they are Zircon missiles or modernized Onyx missiles," said General Major Vadym Skibitskyi, a representative of the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine.

He noted that, according to intelligence data, the Russian army has 440 units of ordinary Onyxes in stock.

"Currently, they have managed to resume their production at a rate of 6-8 missiles per month," Skibitskyi said.

Zircon and Onyx missiles in Russia's war against Ukraine

On Monday, March 25, Russian occupiers launched a missile strike on Kyiv in the morning. Explosions in the capital were heard almost immediately after the air raid sirens sounded.

Later, the Defense Express agency reported that fragments of the anti-ship hypersonic missile Zircon were found. In total, the enemy launched two such missiles.

As noted by aviation and missile weapons expert Valerii Romanenko, Ukrainian defenders currently do not have weapons capable of reaching the Bastion launchers. With their help, the Russian Federation launches hypersonic missiles.

For more information on Russian Onyx and Zircon missiles, read the material of RBC-Ukraine.