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Zelenskyy: 2024 must become year Ukraine throws Russia out of its skies

Zelenskyy: 2024 must become year Ukraine throws Russia out of its skies Photo: President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy (Getty Images)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

Strengthening air defenses is the best strategic investment in the security of our country. And 2024 must become the year when Ukraine throws Russia out of its skies, reports President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Zelenskyy listed five reasons why strengthening Ukrainian air defense is the best strategic investment in the security of the state.

"First and foremost, every system and missile provided to Ukraine saves lives," the President notes.

Secondly, according to him, more people will be able to return from abroad to each large city and region that will be completely covered by a reliable air shield. This will give a significant boost to Ukraine's economy, help us reduce the budget deficit, and, as a result, the need for international financial assistance.

"Third, the stronger our air defense, the greater Ukraine's success in the Black Sea, the more maritime exports, the better protection of freedom of navigation, and the greater stability. This will allow us to deliver hundreds of thousands of additional tons of food via a more secure maritime export corridor and counter the global food crisis," Zelenskyy explains.

Fourthly, as the head of state noted, each additional air defense system and missile saves resources that would otherwise be needed to restore destroyed facilities, critical infrastructure, power systems, power grids, etc.

Fifthly, depriving Russia of the opportunity to terrorize Ukraine with missiles and drones will force the aggressor to abandon this tactic, which will generally contribute to the approach of victory.

The President notes that Ukraine is a large country, so the need for air defense is significant.

Zelenskyy is confident that strengthening our air defense capabilities is the best strategic investment in security, thanks to which our partners will also save a significant amount of resources in the long run.

"Since 2022, Ukraine has liberated more than half of the land that Russia has occupied. In 2023, Ukraine expelled the Russian fleet from most of the Black Sea. 2024 must become the year when Ukraine throws Russia out of its skies," the head of state emphasizes.

Strengthening Ukrainian air defense

During the last meeting of Ramstein, the Minister of Defense of the United States of America, Lloyd Austin, appealed to the allies to provide Ukraine with anti-aircraft defense systems. This is necessary to protect peaceful Ukrainians in winter.

He recalled that just a few days before his visit to Ukraine, which took place on November 20, Putin's forces launched a new flurry of rocket attacks on Kyiv and other regions of Ukraine, trying to damage the country's energy system.

In addition, Ukraine's partners have created another coalition within the framework of the defense of our country. It concerns the strengthening of anti-aircraft defense.

In addition, on November 21, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius announced a new aid package for Ukraine. It will include, in particular, 4 IRIS-T systems.

Russian strikes on the power system

We will remind you that last winter the Russian occupiers repeatedly attacked the Ukrainian energy system. Massive strikes on infrastructure facilities began in October 2022 and continued throughout the winter.

As a result of such shelling, problems with electricity supply began throughout Ukraine. The authorities had to introduce daily blackout schedules.

But now Ukraine is actively preparing for repeated strikes this winter. In particular, energy facilities received three levels of protection against drones and missiles.