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White House outlines weapons that Ukraine currently needs

White House outlines weapons that Ukraine currently needs John Kirby, White House National Security Council Coordinator (photo: Getty Images)

The US President's administration believes that strengthening air defense against the background of regular missile and drone strikes by the Russian army is one of the most pressing issues for the Ukrainian army, according to a statement by White House National Security Council Coordinator John Kirby.

In this context, an American official emphasized the importance of Congress approving a bill to fund aid packages for Ukraine from the US.

Responding to questions from the media about what weapons are most needed by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Kirby noted that he does not intend to preview the next package.

"But kind of like what we’ve been talking about here, clearly they need air defense capabilities — interceptor missiles," emphasized the White House representative, adding that this is because the Russian Federation continues to strike Ukraine using missiles and kamikaze drones.

"They need artillery. 155, in particular, is of great need to the commanders on the ground as the Russians keep going forward," Kirby said.

He also expressed the opinion that the Armed Forces of Ukraine could use some other long-range capabilities, like HIMARS.

"And small arms and ammunition is always in great demand. And, you know, perhaps maybe some — some vehicles — track vehicles, wheeled vehicles, that kind of thing," the American official said.

He added that the last package of defense assistance from the US was delivered to Ukraine in December of last year, so sending a new batch of weapons and ammunition is critical.

Question of providing aid to Ukraine from the US

Earlier, the Pentagon stated that the US would be able to deliver a new military aid package to Ukraine within a few days after approval by Congress.

According to Western press reports, the new package of assistance from the US could be the largest Ukraine has received in recent times. For example, Reuters reported that Washington is preparing an arms package for Ukraine worth $1 billion.

On April 23, the US Senate gathered to vote on providing Ukraine with a package of aid.