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Walmart implements AI for new shopping features

Walmart implements AI for new shopping features Walmart uses AI for better shopping experiences (Getty Images)

Walmart and Sam’s Club, which is a part of Walmart, are using generative AI to make stores work better. These technologies use computer programs to make shopping in stores or online feel more advanced, according to Fox Business and CBS News.

AI helps workers

Walmart has a special robot that uses AI to clean the floors and also helps with keeping track of what products are in the store. This information helps workers know what needs to be done, like filling empty shelves or fixing mistakes in labeling.

They also started using the cameras on the floor-scrubbing robot to check what products they had in stock. AI then creates a to-do list for employees, telling them the top three things they need to do. This makes work more organized for both regular employees and managers.

Even simple devices like a mopping machine now use AI to give real-time information about the store. This helps employees know what tasks are most important at any given time.

AI helps customers

At Sam’s Club, customers also benefit from AI. When they use the scan-and-go feature to scan items and put them in their cart, AI looks at their past purchases (if they gave permission) and suggests things they might have forgotten or might be interested in buying.

Both Walmart and Sam’s Club use AI to make it easier for customers to find what they're looking for. If someone is searching for a cell phone for a pre-teen, the AI takes into account different factors compared to an adult looking for a personal or work phone. The AI remembers customers’ preferences and provides recommendations based on what other people say in reviews.

One of Walmart's new features is called "InHome Replenishment." It studies the shopping habits of Walmart+ members and automatically fills up their fridges with things like milk before they run out. This service creates a special plan that restocks customers' essentials exactly when they need them, not just on a fixed schedule. Customers can also change their orders whenever they want.

AI gains momentum

In November 2022, Microsoft-backed OpenAI company introduced ChatGPT, an AI-powered chatbot that allows users to get almost all requested data. It is a revolutionary technology, as ordinary users implement artificial intelligence in their everyday lives.

It also triggered a wave of similar developments, including Google Bard, Google Gemini, and Samsung's AI Gauss.

Google also aims to implement AI to boost its search capacities. The technology is called Search Generative Experience (SGE), and it is expected to revolutionize how users search for information.

Microsoft is putting a special button for AI opening on its Windows keyboards. It is the first time it changed consoles in almost 30 years