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US aid impact on Russia-Ukraine war: Media forecast

US aid impact on Russia-Ukraine war: Media forecast Photo: The media predicted how the new US aid could affect the war in Ukraine ( of Defense UA)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

New aid from the United States will allow Ukraine to stop Russia's offensive on the front and regain control of some of the Russians' gains, according to The Hill.

This year's support from the United States will probably not allow Ukraine to regain a significant part of the territories occupied in 2022.

The Hill writes that the current aid package should provide the Ukrainian Defense Forces with adequate supplies until the end of the year. Further support may depend on the results of the presidential election in 2024. However, this uncertainty may serve as an incentive for Ukraine to use the available resources efficiently.

The list of weapons to be provided to Ukraine as part of the new aid package, released by the Pentagon, includes weapons that are most suitable for defensive warfare.

In particular, the United States will supply Ukraine with long-range ATACMS, which can strike at a distance of 190 miles (305 km). This will allow them to hit Russian airfields and logistics centers in the rear of the Russian Federation.

The agency also drew attention to the fact that the list does not include Abrambs tanks. This may be due to their alleged vulnerability to Russian drones, which the Ukrainian military could not shoot down due to a lack of necessary weapons. In particular, the Ukrainian Defense Forces were unable to apply a whole-of-service approach on the battlefield, which involves coordinating the actions of infantry, artillery, armored vehicles, and aviation, which would have allowed them to use Abrams more effectively.

“Ukraine may be able to reverse some Russian gains made over the last few months, but it cannot afford another all-out offensive,” the agency notes.

United States aid to Ukraine

Recently the House of Representatives did vote in favor of a bill initiated by Speaker Mike Johnson to help Ukraine. Later, the document was approved by the Senate and signed by US President Joe Biden. On the same day, the US also announced a new package of support for Ukraine.

According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the US aid would also include long-range ATACMS missiles. However, it later turned out that the United States had already handed them over to the Defense Forces in early April.