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UN Secretary-General describes situation in Gaza as humanitarian crisis

UN Secretary-General describes situation in Gaza as humanitarian crisis UN Secretary-General António Guterres (photo: Getty Images)

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has described the situation in Gaza as a humanitarian crisis, stating that innocent people are suffering from Israeli strikes, while Hamas is using them as human shields, according to Ukrinform.

"The nightmare in Gaza is more than a humanitarian crisis. It is a crisis of humanity," said Guterres.

He noted that Israeli strikes are affecting hospitals, refugee camps, mosques, and UN facilities, while Hamas continues to use civilians as human shields and keeps firing at Israel.

"No side in an armed conflict stands above international humanitarian law," he emphasized.

Guterres also stated that Gaza is turning into a graveyard for children.

War in Israel

At the beginning of October, Hamas militants launched a large-scale invasion into Israel, targeting both military personnel and civilians, killing and kidnapping. In response, Israel declared a military operation against the militants called Operation Iron Swords.

As part of the operation, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) expanded its ground offensive into the Gaza Strip. Troops and equipment were deployed to the region.

According to reports, this escalation occurred after negotiations between Israel and Hamas regarding the release of hostages reached an impasse.

Israeli Defense Forces spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagar announced that IDF forces had completely surrounded the city of Gaza, with no mention of a ceasefire.

It was also reported that Israeli ground forces encircled Gaza and moved towards the sea.