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Ukrenergo on Ukrainian upcoming heating season: 'We are ready for the worst'

Ukrenergo on Ukrainian upcoming heating season: 'We are ready for the worst'

This winter, there is a high probability of further missile attacks by Russia on critical infrastructure objects in Ukraine. The energy sector is prepared for the worst-case scenarios. Still, they are also preparing "several surprises" for the enemy, according to the statement from Volodymyr Kudrytskyi, the CEO of Ukraine's National Power Company and Transmission Operator, Ukrenergo.

He mentioned that President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has given clear instructions to prepare the country for the upcoming heating season, and Ukrenergo is diligently following this plan.

The priority is to restore power plants and the high-voltage network to their total capacity. The substations will be ready to handle peak loads during the winter," Kudrytskyi wrote.

He also stated that they are currently working to increase the import of electricity from the EU.

"We will ensure the technical capability of sufficient electricity imports from the EU. Our integration with the European energy system provides this opportunity, and we are working on increasing the volume of imports," Ukrenergo's head explained.

Kudrytskyi emphasized that it is impossible to be 100% protected from Russian attacks, but the energy sector is preparing some surprises for the enemy.

"Our main tool is unity and cooperation. We are working on winter preparations 24/7. As the head of one of the major infrastructure companies in the country, I must be a realist: there are very different scenarios for the heating season," he added.

However, Kudrytskyi noted that the previous heating season was successfully handled thanks to the Armed Forces' efforts, energy workers, the state leadership, and consumers.

"We have learned from this experience, and we are ready for the worst-case scenarios," emphasized the head of Ukrenergo.

Russian attacks on Ukrainian energy facilities

Attacks by Russia on Ukraine's energy facilities have been ongoing since October 2022, with many missile strikes aimed at disrupting the country's power supply and causing blackouts. Consequently, power outages occurred in Ukraine during autumn and winter, and citizens were urged to conserve electricity and not overload the system.

According to Volodymyr Kudrytskyi, Ukrainians should not eliminate their generators as it remains uncertain whether blackouts will occur this winter.

For more information on what Ukrainians can expect in the autumn regarding potential new attacks on the energy sector, refer to the material.