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Ukrainian Armed Forces plan to turn winter into weapon, while Russians prepare to attack energy sector - NYT

Ukrainian Armed Forces plan to turn winter into weapon, while Russians prepare to attack energy sector - NYT Ukrainian military (GettyImages)
Author: Maria Kholina

This winter, Ukrainian forces are planning missile attacks on Russian command centers, ammunition depots, and supply lines deep within enemy territory. If the Ukrainian Armed Forces manage to disrupt the logistics of the adversary, the occupiers will literally get wet and cold, The New York Times reports.

According to the NYT, the Ukrainian Armed Forces aim to reduce the combat readiness of Russian troops. Notably, the ATACMS missiles recently provided by the United States give Ukrainian forces the capability to strike Russian positions across the entire occupied territory. Furthermore, every kilometer of advancement by the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the south creates new problems for the occupiers.

However, as mentioned in the article, Russia in 2023 has learned to adapt much better to combat operations than last year. Russia may attempt to change supply routes or use its artillery and aviation to counter the bombardment by Ukrainian forces.

According to analyst Jack Watling, if Russian troops are drawn into the defense along a wide front, "then Russian forces will be outside, getting wet and cold."

"If targeted strikes can degrade their logistics, then the limited training and field craft of Russian forces can maximize climactic injuries," he explained.

In turn, Russian forces will target the civilian energy infrastructure of Ukraine.

Russian attacks on energy infrastructure

Last winter, the enemy resorted to massive shelling of Ukraine's energy system, forcing Ukrenergo to implement emergency and planned power outages. The initial outages occurred when it was necessary to balance the energy system for greater capacity.

As Minister of Energy Herman Halushchenko stated, power outages are possible in Ukraine in this 2023-2024 autumn-winter period in the event of attacks by Russian occupiers on energy system facilities. However, they will not last long.

Recently, Zelenskyy said that this winter, Russian terrorists may resort to a larger scale of energy terror.